Try a Memory Foam Mattress and have a sound sleep

Ever gotten the sensation that because you didn’t slept all night, you don’t wish to stand up and begin the day with a smile? The main factor may be that your body cannot relax as it cannot find a comfy position, one that is supportive in all the important locations such as your knees, waist, neck and hips.

One solution for this issue is to alter to a savvy sleeper memory foam mattress.

Memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1970’s to supply comfortable support for astronauts at takeoff and landing— it didn’t come into its own as a consumer item until the 1990’s. Ever since then the market has broadened and is now the fastest growing sector in bedding, supported by clinicians for the relief of neck and back pain and pressure sores. The first maker was Tempur-Pedic, who made use of the technology primarily in medical settings. But the company quickly heard that patients who made use of the foam slept much better, and they broadened the manufacture to sell to the customer market. Ever since then other makers have developed their memory foam items in an attempt to reach into the quickly growing market of memory foam mattresses.


But how does memory foam help you sleep? Memory foam is visco-elastic that reacts to temperature modification by becoming more flexible. That means that your body heat softens the immediate area of foam and molds to your shape. The more pricy brand names particularly showcase their constant efficiency through a large temperature range.

Still uncertain? A memory foam mattress may be the best option, but why not try a foam pillow or a memory foam pad to start? The majority of makers offer a range of items and the much better ones will provide a trial period and longer warranties too, so that if the item does not match your needs you can hand it right back.

What should you look for? There are several distinctions that can determine the quality of one mattress over another, but the most significant factor is density. A more dense mattress will provide more support and more even distribution of weight ensuring that you sleep comfortably no matter what your position might be.

Created by NASA and perfected by brands like Tempur-Pedic, memory foam has become the go-to material in designing mattresses that are comfortable, hypoallergenic and dream-worthy for customers all over the world.